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In the story, all the characters remain nameless this shows the frustration and despair that is ongoing in the lives of the characters.Magnan’s sister would wish to go to the bazaar but cannot and she can only rely on her imagination.

The narrator is disappointed with the wares he finds in the market place, and he realizes that buying Magnans’ sister a gift would not make her love him.

The writer gives up on the gift and returns home empty handed and frustrated.

This showed that the uncle had the same routine every time he came from work; thus, when the narrator asked for money the Uncle forgot because it did not fall in his routine activities.

A the writers feelings grow deeper and deeper for Magnans’ sister he alienates himself from his surroundings; every morning when he watches the young woman h does so in half drawn blinds so that no one else can see him.

The prison of routine is developed further by the narrators’ mastery of his uncles’ routine.

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The narrator could tell of his Uncles habits after he arrived home from work.

The narrator enjoys going back to the priests’ cabin to be alone with his thoughts; this goes to show how the romantic thought he had of Magnan’s sister pushed him into alienation and isolation.

The theme of poverty is also seen in throughout the story.

The theme that permeates through the story of Araby is that of Alienation and loneliness.

The writer is a young man who is trapped in a world of despair and poverty where he cannot get what he desires.


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