Essays Of A Salesman Character Analysis

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Finally, both characters’ focus on the American dream leads them to neglect their relationships.

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Gatsby found illegal methods through which he attained a higher social status.

“I found out what your ‘drug stores’ were” (​, pg 141) Here, Tom confirms that Gatsby made his way up the social class-ladder through unethical means.

However, regardless of what Gatsby does and tries to do, this ‘perfect life’ he chases for so long will never be attained due to her lack of interest.

“He stretched his arm out to the dark water in a curious way…and distinguished nothing but a single green light” (Fitzgerald​22-23) The green light is a perfect symbol of the American dream and its unattainability. This indicates that his fantasy of the relationship is more intense than the reality.

” (Miller, 14) While Willy may have a decent paying job and can afford to pay his bills, he continuously complains about a lack of promotion while doing nothing substantial to attain it.

His job is a part of the stereotypical American Dream and something he enjoys; yet it’s still not enough to satisfy his inner desires.

Therefore, generally speaking, Willy strongly believes in the importance of hard work.

Similarly, though Gatsby’s end goals were corrupt, he had the dedication and a stubborn quality that formed a hard worker.

Ultimately, this has a negative impact on their relationships.

With Gatsby and Willy, the American Dream leads to a constant desire for growth, prioritizes hard work and effects both characters’ relationships. ” (Miller, 38) This supports the idea of Willy wanting more; even though he has a loving wife and family, he still went out with another woman.


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