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Another important source of the United Kingdom's constitutional rules can be found within the law reports, which report on the important judicial decisions made within the court system.

Judges in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all contributed to the development of constitutional principles within the UK.

The principle role of courts is in the application of the facts of a case to the law and resolving disputes between litigants.

However, judicial precedent is more complicated than this; cases with a constitutional dimension to them are capable of making public law.

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A law degree will be considered as adequate if - in a given country - it presents sufficient academic requirements for taking the Bar exam.

In a common law system, the courts also interpret the statutory legislation by clarifying points of law which require interpretation.

Judicial precedent in England and Wales binds lower courts and creates a series of judicial decisions which itself can be considered a source of constitutional law.

The UK's absence of a written constitution makes the scope of the sources, which would be correctly labelled as 'constitutional' less clear-cut than a situation where there is a codified constitution.

The disadvantage of this lack of clarity can be highlighted by the legal protection of civil liberties and human rights prior to the Human Rights Act 1998 where no comprehensive enforceable Code or Bill of Rights.


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