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Others have called it a symbiosis relationship, but for him it was only an exaggerated natural process of emotional relationship.In 1954 he started to hospitalize the entire family of the sick (schizophrenic) person.Some changes are subtle, but other events force major change within the family system.

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This primary system has an open set of boundaries without restrictions or limitations.

Information and other family systems are allowed to move freely in and out of the relationship.

He found out that the entire family suffered with the sick person emotionally.

He also studied the relationship between mother-child symbioses.

This involved a certain repetitive pattern, where he observed alternating patterns of closeness and distance.

They portrayed sensitive emotional tensions caused by separation anxiety and incorporation anxiety.

Two families are referenced in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

The initial family includes Melanie, her mother and her father.

Both are considered to be open systems; however, one is more open than the other.

Each system has a set of boundaries, which are open to some varying extent.


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