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His fidelity to the ethic of human liberation is well expressed in a footnote concerning Fanon’s use of the term “man”.

He quotes Fanon’s comment from in the French original as ‘the human being’ (rather than ‘man’) in fidelity to the egalitarian presuppositions of his argument.

He questions the assumption that social location determines the knowing of the subject.

Against this new dogma he holds to a conception of human freedom and proposes a universalism that is neither a view from nowhere nor exhausted by the situation, while taking seriously the specificity of times and places, histories and cultures to shape epistemic, political and moral horizons.

The monetary award would be equivalent to a year's tuition for a public university in Ghana," he said. He said it was possible that the published essays on their own would have the chance of winning awards when published.

"Additionally, the published essays will automatically qualify for the final scholarship round when winners and runners-up will be chosen for the tuition awards." All interested applicants should visit for details.Accra, Feb.1, GNA -, a US-based online magazine, has launched an essay competition as part of [email protected] celebrations with the aim of generating intellectual discourse among university students on the nation's history. Ablorh-Odjidjah, Publisher of, told the Ghana News Agency from his Washington base where the event was launched that the purpose was to foster the engagement of Ghanaian youth in the affairs and history of the country, promote writing and encourage a course of scholarship and citizenship among the future leaders.The theme for the essay is: "The Way Forward" - a concept or an idea advanced by an institution or person, which the student deems important to Ghana's development and the advancement of democracy in Africa.Mr Ablorh-Odjidjah said contestants were required to furnish their own title to the essay, provided the theme for the essay is justified in the exposition."and other sponsors of the [email protected] essay programme aim to award full tuition scholarships for one year to the final winners.Indeed he argues that “to abjure universalism because it is imperialist …is the last word of the imperial act” betraying an “obsessive-compulsive Eurocentrism”, which concedes “ownership of universalism to the West”. Sekyi-Otu is at the height of his prodigious intellectual powers and his new book is a dazzling achievement of obvious and urgent importance.It is a sustained engagement with left political philosophic thought that, while taking a clear critical distance from relativism, demands a new ethics based in and on Africa.The reader may wonder, why Africacentric universalism?Sekyi-Otu makes clear he is not advancing an Afrocentric programme, or simply reacting to Eurocentrism.


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