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In a recent paper, Fagerberg and Verspagen (2009) provided a comprehensive analysis of the cognitive and organisational characteristics of the emerging field of innovation studies and consider its prospects and challenges.

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My intention is to outline main directions of research its driving factor and evolution and understanding with current needs in the industry and market.Innovation at work have different impacts than innovation at home.Hence channelizing innovation according to the prime goal of the organization is the key strategy and need of the hour.To put forth the ideas and knowledge I gain in the way that is most easily understood by everyone who has been in my place, or will be, in some point of time.The best enemy of a man is man himself and hence the best teacher of a man is also he himself again.Some say “necessity is the mother of invention”, however can necessity be channelized to have a structured invention rules?This question might not have haunted anyone the days when man was just an ape or just 20000 years old on this earth, but this question has definitely left many befuddled over the last few decades, what we in this modern world call as Innovation Management.are mixed with elements of another at any particular time;2.Each model is always a highly simplified representation ...Many significant works done so far might not be able to clarify the questions which I have posted, however they definitely give a perception of what it could have been and what it shall be henceforth.Need of innovation management in different stages of Man’s life and the ways to channelize and structure it for its best purpose known “GROWTH” is something worth the effort.


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