Essays On Kindness

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The sandwiches weren’t what made their day, or mine.

It was that I shook their hand, smiled at them, asked their name, and was just kind.

They give candy to patients because chemotherapy medicine tastes horrible. It was all because of the seed my grandma planted in me that grew inside so many other people. Last year when my grandpa died my grandma moved in with me and my family. Now I realize that kindness is something we have inside each of us. Chulki Duba On picture day, as I was walking to school, I noticed a piece of paper on the ground and so I picked it up. It’s that they put a roof over my head and that they love and care for me. Kindness can be anything from sharing a smile to helping a classmate without expecting anything in return.

I asked my friends and neighbors if they had any extra candy. She is very kind to me but I also think I’m kind to her. My grandma is also very nice because she never yells at me and tells me funny jokes. I discovered it was a paper with money, $20 taped to it. For Anti-Bullying Day at school, my friends and I decided to make cards with messages for all our classmates.

Worldwide efforts to shine a light on kindness have led to the development of kindness curriculums and days devoted to celebrating kindness and compassion.

With the increased acknowledgment that bullying behavior is a widespread epidemic in workplaces and schools, the need to reclaim our kindness roots is imperative.As Mark Twain once said, “Kindness is a thing the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Now go spread a joke and wear a smile because kind people are the best kind of people. Kindness makes me feel good every day but being kind makes me feel even better and makes my friends smile.Sofia Fornicoia A few months ago, we decided to give sandwiches to the needy.I took that kindness and helped plant it in my friends and neighbors. I walked into class that first day, and out of nowhere, a kid walked up and asked to be my friend. Daniel Martin The kindest thing that happened to me is that I have a mom and dad that cared about me enough to adopt me. Our most recent pet is a black lab puppy named Ruby.This year at Halloween, I decided to give my candy to my grandma’s cancer clinic. That little touch of kindness will stay with me my whole life. But before Ruby my mom and dad adopted my brother Tayvius. The kindest thing is not my parents giving me toys or signing me up for activities.Mississippi is considering new rules that let companies continue to use food-labeling terms such as "veggie burger" and "vegan bacon," as long as the terms are prominently displayed so consumers understand the products are not meat.The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan says a Republican candidate for Congress has discriminated against a troupe of drag performers with Down syndrome, according to a complaint filed Thursday.In the morning, she gets up early to get mine and my siblings’ breakfast ready. One time I was sick and she even took me to Mc Donalds and let me lay on the couch and watch TV. It also had a name of a boy, an address, and a phone number. I decided to take the paper and money to my school office and turn it in. The office made an announcement and the money was returned to the boy. I am glad I was kind because it totally felt good to help someone. Each card had a personal, handwritten message to make each classmate feel good.When it was her birthday, I made her a card and made sure she had pie and even told her not to do any work. Zach Olson Kindness isn’t something you can hold, like an object. My friend Mary Jo Copeland always says “Kindness is cool” and I believe it. In all my grades I have used a wheelchair and people have helped me. Today people even help and other people want to help me. Our teacher put the cards on top of the desks during lunch so our classmates wouldn’t know they were from us.Thank you for seeing me both as I was and who I could be.I tried to find you to send this note to you personally, but I was unsuccessful. Mark Klune, hopefully one day you will Google yourself, and find this tiny note from me.


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