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A preliminary assumption may be that, because Othello kills his beloved wife after the devious machinations of Iago, then perhaps Othello is as much a victim of Iago's evil as Desdemona is of Othello's wrath.

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Othello allows himself to be influenced by Iago, and allows Iago to bring out his most evil characteristics.

Although Iago may be the more innately evil of the two, Othello does little to prevent his base instincts from becoming dominant.

This speech reveals Iago to have an incredibly materialistic and conceited nature, as he reduces everyone mentioned to an object easily capable of manipulation.

Roderigo becomes Iago's purse, Cassio is simply a handsome, noble man who can be used to make Othello jealous, and Othello himself is “As tenderly [led] by the nose/ As asses are” (1163).

centers around the two conflicting characters of scheming, manipulative Iago and the honorable, but often times faithless Othello.

Despite the fact that these men are completely opposite in character, Iago commands such persuasive powers that he literally starts to affect Othello’s thinking, altering the figures of speech he uses and his perceptions of those close to him.

His answer to his doubts is, initially, to put Desdemona on a pedestal, making her an "emblem of purity and trustworthiness" (Kenneth Muir, Aspects of Othello, 17).

'Tis not to make me jealous To say my wife is fair, feeds well, loves company, Is free of speech, sings, plays, and dances well. Nor from mine own weak merits will I draw The smallest fear or doubt of her revolt, For she had eyes, and chose me.(3.3.208-14) Othello is going reach the precarious conclusion that Desdemona's compassion and virtue alone enable her to love the unlovable.

To see why Othello commits his crime and why he has to be held accountable for it, we must examine his motive.

It can be claimed that what actually causes Othello to commit murder is not his being mentally weakened and manipulated by Iago, but rather his own pride and lack of confidence which he allows to gain control.


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