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They will be published in our National Student Employment publication during NSEW.This will be free of charge for departments, so be sure to send a message of thanks!Here you can read about the benefits of part-time work, how you can balance study with a part-time job, and how to find a job.

– Paid Training – Non-Phone Job If you’re looking for a seasonal side gig, Measurement, Inc., a testing company founded in 1980, continues to take applications for part-time people to score student tests and essays online.

Pay starts at $11.70/hr., with raises for experience and performance.

Deadline: Friday, March 27 During this week, come visit us at the Information Booths in the SCE Concourse to participate in our various contests including a TRIVIA, SPIN TO WIN, and CROSSWORD CONTEST.

Monday, April 13, 2020 am-pm SCE, Concourse NW Table 1 Tuesday, April 14, 2020 am-pm SCE, Concourse NW Table 1 Wednesday, April 15, 2020 am-pm SCE, Concourse NW Table 1 Your resume speaks a lot about you.

Make sure it’s saying the right things by checking out our Resume and Cover Letter Workshop.

The workshop will cover the proper layout of a resume, the “Dos and Don’ts” of resume building, how to properly write a cover letter, and much more.

It was established to increase public awareness and to recognize students who work while attending college.

It’s our chance to thank UIC student employees for their hard work and dedication!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 pm-pm SCE, Room 605 (Tower) Linked In is commonly used as a recruiting tool.

Find out how to optimize your Profile and get a professional headshot!


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