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Cities along Turkey’s Black Sea have converted their waterfront areas into parks and promenades.

Cities along Turkey’s Black Sea have converted their waterfront areas into parks and promenades.

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Comments on an ASAP Facebook refugee-related discussion, link HERE An ASAP column: "Stemming Refugee Flows, Warehousing Refugee Souls" by Maurizio Albahari, link HERE A SUNTA column: "Questions of Refugee Deservedness: The Anthropologist as Ally" by Kelly A.

Yotebieng, link HERE A recent SUNTA photo essay on refugees: "Photographing African Migration to Sicily" by Alex Polydoroff, link HERE A first set of CORI essays on ), edited by Diane Baxter and Ruth Krulfeld (1997).

The shady pedestrian passageways in downtown Dushanbe, Tajikistan invite locals and visitors to take it easy. In Turkey, like in Iran, roadside picnicking is a common sight and municipalities have set up areas where people can break out their picnic baskets.

They reminded us of similar middle-of-street green-canopied walkways in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.“Why would you stay in a hotel? We made good use of these green areas along the shoulder to have lunch along the way and to admire the Black Sea.

On our weekly rest days, when we rambled into cities and found a hotel room where we could sleep in a bed and hang our laundry, we sought out those quiet giants. Before 2016, we would leave our backpacks in the hostel and, with explore-the-world enthusiasm, we would hurry around to see the main sites, the buildings worth seeing, the local hangouts, the things guidebooks recommended.

Now, with greater frequency, we gravitate towards open spaces, parks, and other places where we could get our much-needed dose of flowers, trees and green things.

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Minority opinion here, but I did not like this book even though I not only expected to like it, I wanted to like it.

From crossing the border into one of Syria's refugee camps Literary Nonfiction. From crossing the border into one of Syria's refugee camps in 2013; to an interview with a man who fled Aleppo for the peace and security of Sweden in 2015; to working in a sustainable forestry foundation near Siberia in 2003; to taking the train from Mongolia to China to visit the home and wife of an exiled writer in 2008; to founding a self-sustaining theater project with Congolese refugee women in a slum of Nairobi in 2013; to finding George Oppen's old typewriter in the attic of a farmhouse in Maine in 2004; to working as a nude model for artists' groups in college--the work these lyric essays illuminates is that of a twenty-something year old woman trying to find herself and her world by putting her body in places, within boundaries, others might not ever consider stepping foot inside of.


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