Essays On The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

The main task of the Egyptian artist was to capture for eternity, the real meaning and character of the deceased.

Egyptian art also focused on gods and human scenes, which were shown in characteristics, stylized in a certain form, such form that it lasted without change for many centuries.

(Newman 76) (Guisepi) This is important to remember because it shows that Egyptians wanted to be remembered and idolized forever.

This compared to the Mesopotamians shows a very a different opinion on art.

Agriculture, Mesopotamia and Egypt both had it, but it was harder for one civilization, to make agriculture work for them.

Mesopotamian and Egyptian art was unique but both ever represented differently.

The early Mesopotamian government of various towns and villages were democratic.

The early Mesopotamians used a city-state type government; each was controlled by its own political and economical center.(Guisepi) This is significant because it shows that early Mesopotamians believed that democracy was the right and equal type of government to use.

This relates to the thesis by that ancient Egyptians had various amounts of food to expand their civilization and Mesopotamians did not.

Egyptian agriculture was very simple and easy to take care off.


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