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For many years the Germans fought with the French over the Alsace-Lorraine.This was infact one of the first reasons why the war even began.

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Dominated by the ' Big Three', consisting of America, France and Britain, the talks ultimately became a forum for conflicting interests and compromises; an exercise in expediency rather than a genuine attempt at a solid solution.

However, while it is easy to look back with hindsight and make judgements on this "most abused and the least perused document of history" , the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George performed to the best of his abilities, and arguably achieved each of his aims.

And the more land under Germanyès rule, the more access the government had to resources.

The Treaty of Versailles, signed on January 18th 1919, was an attempt by the victorious powers to put an end to the First World War.

Under the Treaty of Versailles, substantial territorial concessions were required from Germany.

This would help to prevent war, due to the fact that Germany had always been an imperialistic country.Britain was not only economically unbalanced, the public also had a great political influence.Mass unemployment, threats to the British empirical reputation and severe economic downturn all translated into a popular desire for revenge against the alleged German &apos...In January of 1919, delegates from every allied country gathered together in what is known as the Paris Peace Conference to determine the peace terms that were to be imposed on defeated Germany.The Paris Peace Conference had many goals which included the constitution of the League of Nations, the promotion of international collective security and abolishing secret peace alliances.Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567726192"If Germany did not accept these terms, the allied countries threatened to resume hostilities.Germany had no other choice but to sign the treaty.For most students of American history, the Treaty of Paris refers to the 1783 accord between the United States and Great Britain that ended the American Revolution.However, throughout history, there have been a total of twenty-one various documents known as the Treaty of Paris, between 12.Many of the conditions that led to the American Revolution were laid when Britain attempted to tax the colonies in order to defray the cost of the French and Indian War.Following Britain’s surrender at Yorktown, the American delegation of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay negotiated the Treaty of Paris of 1783.


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