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The dog’s master is married, with two children, considering the dog to be a part of the family.John Updike uses clarity and alliteration for the title of the poem.In Updike’s opinion, the primary reason to take the pets into the house may be to bring death.

John Updike in many ways defines and balances upon the center of the beam in American literature.

He has managed to avoid the ostentation and obscurity connected to the “highbrow” authors while maintaining a high readership and literary elan.

In general, the writer’s works often explore death, faith, sex, and their interrelation (Updike, John).

The master of American realism, he dealt with themes as diverse as the African despotism and existence of God.

Through the entire work, the initial, middle, and finale parts are traced, arranging the events into the type of story.

It is hard to describe the death as well as the feelings of emptiness and loss.He wrote a prequel to Hamlet, exploring the relationships between Gertrude and Claudius, her second husband.Updike defined the most enviable image of the postwar writer: male stalwart, urbane, gregarious, with cigarettes, typewriters and love of nautical sweaters.She died as many must at their time, “surrounded by love that would have upheld her” (De Bellis).The poem “Dog’s Death” is a good case in point of the dog’s fidelity.John Hoyer Updike, the American writer, novelist, poet and literary critic, was born on March 18, 1932, in Pennsylvania.He was one of America’s most prolific and greatest literary icons, acclaimed for his intimate, precise style of writing and unflinching approach to sex. The writer’s most famous work is considered his Rabbit series.It brings the slope of sentimentality at every turn, but at the same time, it manages to keep its footing.It could be one of those exceptions when a reader may describe the piece as “sentimental” without intending harm to poet or poem.Updike wrote this poem in five quatrains, in the first person, using an irregular rhyme scheme and metrical line, consisting of eleven to thirteen syllables.Furthermore, there is the frame rhyme and the words shame.


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