Ethical Dilemma Abortion Essay

Ethical Dilemma Abortion Essay-57
These are just a few philosophical arguments concerning the moral status of abortion.Each is worthy of further discussion and reasoned debate.The medical and scientific research reports that this developmental stage isn’t reached until after the first trimester, or, more likely, until mid-pregnancy.

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On this theory of personhood, early fetuses are not persons.

This is because their brains and nervous systems aren’t sufficiently developed and complexly interconnected enough for consciousness and personhood.

But in today’s contemporary ethical dilemma many tend to view serious issues such as abortion and euthanasia with a different approach.

Many view these issues with a different dilemma because yet again everyone has different views on how they view life and what they come to conclude as morally wrong.

Abortion is a controversial subject that has been continually argued over for the last 30 years.

The main question is whether or not abortion should be legal?

This increased risk is associated with the prior abortion due to lowered self-esteem, a conscious or unconscious desire for a replacement pregnancy, and increased sexual activ...

In Ethics there are certain factors that influence the individual to distinguish from right or wrong such as, our culture, family, life experiences, our environment, religion and many more.

This more sophisticated argument is not discussed here.

Nathan Nobis is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA USA, and author of many articles on topics in bioethics, including abortion.


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