Euripides Medea Essay

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The play Medea can be interpreted as a crazy mother who takes her heart broken anger out on her own innocent children.

At the beginning of the play, the Nurse talks about the years when Medea and Jason were in love.

In Medea, the three Corinthian women often show signs that they are afraid of Medea.

One of the Corinthian women says, “They say she is dangerous.

Medea showed her first signs of craziness when she killed her family members and others to get what she wanted.

She offers more signs of her future behavior when she screams out in her mind about what she will do, “What I need: all dead, all dead, all dead, under the great cold stones.

Women may hate their husbands, and sons, and fathers, but women will never hate their children.” This statement says that Medea will hate her husband, but she did not hate her children even though she killed them, and this is ultimately what makes her crazy.

Medea also shows many heroic qualities, especially when she is willing to kill her own brother to be with Jason.


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