Examples Of Research Proposals In Psychology

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At a minimum, a proposal should include the following in roughly the same order: 1.

An introduction that includes a three- to five-page summary of research that may be relevant to the work.

You may write about any aspect of the topic you wish, although your paper must be organized in a logical way. One section, for example, may review research on human beings, and another section may review studies with other animals.

Or the different sections could review articles supporting different competing theories.

This portion of your proposal will typically contain subsections for participants, materials, and procedures. The RESULTS section should detail the analyses you plan to run.

You might want to include in this section a brief description of the predicted findings. The DISCUSSION section should go into more depth regarding your expected results and their implications.In writing the introduction, keep these three questions in mind: (a) What is the point (hypothesis) of the study?(b) What is the rationale or logical link between the study and the research design?All seniors interested in using community-based research (CBR) as their graduation requirement are required to submit proposals and receive approval before they can proceed.Community-based research proposals follow APA style but may deviate from it somewhat; the method section needs a subheading called “site description,” for example.Describe the methods that you will use to answer the question outlined in the introduction.It is very important that your proposed methods permit you to answer the question(s) you outline.For example, if you are working with autistic children at Margaret Murphy, but are not yet 100% sure of your research focus, you will review the research literature on autism in the age group you will work with. A method section that includes a description of the site/agency/workplace of your community partner. Please note that the seminar instructor sets a due date for these proposals.If you know what kind of data collection you will do, it belongs here. A results section that describes what kind of data you will collect and what kind of analysis you will apply to the data, either quantitative, qualitative, or both. A brief discussion of what your results contribute to your community partner and to the field of psychology. A statement of any other work you may produce for your community partner. It is usually a little later than other proposals in order to allow time for communication with community partners.This section should then discuss the implications of the review. Based on your review, do you think you will find converging evidence from a number of studies that indicate a specific theory should be modified?For additional help see Bem’s (1995) article on writing a review and The University of Washington’s handout on writing a psychology research review.


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