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We’ll start by giving you the real scoop on the college essay on Tuesday, August 20, during a webinar focused exclusively on the college essay and your role in the process. ET for We know that most high school students spend a lot of time thinking and talking about friends, moving out of the house, figuring out life, choosing a career and deciding which college to attend. And, at its core, the college essay is all about reflection.While you definitely must use complete sentences and avoid slang or silliness, you can also let your personality shine through! Showing your genuine self goes a long way and will make you more memorable.Chances are, some sort of personal narrative will be in your essay.Connect two related ideas into a compound sentence or start with the relative clause instead of the main one.The key is to avoid a long string of sentences that are all structured identically.While most admissions essays fall in the “personal statement” category, they usually involve some specific prompt or question.Now, imagine yourself in the admissions officers’ shoes: what are they trying to learn from you?An admissions essay shouldn’t just answer the prompt—it should demonstrate why you’re ready to be an excellent college student.One of the easiest ways to make your writing more sophisticated is to alternate between different sentence structures.Nothing has the power to intimidate even the most diligent student quite like the college admissions essay.How to choose the right topic and steer clear of clichés while showing admissions committees that you’re a great fit? We’ve got a list of tips to help you make a great impression with a stellar essay.


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