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This is where making an outline first really comes in handy. For my example, I’m going to work with my second main point—the promotion of human-mutant relations.Through his work with mutant children and team of heroes, Professor Xavier has taken great strides in improving the relationships between mutants and humans.You’re trying to prove a point, but you must use very specific examples. But you have to effectively incorporate them into your writing. I’m going to write about the best X-Men character, Professor X.

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Now that you have your introduction down, you can move to the body paragraphs.

This doesn’t need to be a 5-paragraph essay format (unless your teacher specifically says so).

For my introduction, I would write something along these lines: Many people dream of having mutant super powers, but don’t realize the responsibility that comes with those special talents.

One man, Professor Xavier, stands above all other mutants.

However, if this is a take-home assignment, it’s always good practice to include information about where you got your information. While that can work for some people, it’s a risky bet.

Be sure to ask your teacher about what style guide (APA, MLA, or Chicago) to follow. Instead, a little bit of planning will make your exemplification essay easier and faster to write. Below are the four steps to writing an exemplary exemplification essay.

But now your teacher wants you to write an exemplification essay, and you feel a little lost. When you first heard the term exemplification essay, you might have freaked out a little bit. If you’re familiar with the argumentative essay, you’re already halfway there.

An exemplification essay is like a more involved version of an argumentative essay.

After the brief summary, you want to finish nicely.

Your exemplification essay needs to Although many people may fear the powers of mutants, they can actually benefit both humans and other mutants.


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