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After writers think about their experiences and observations, they often take notes on paper to better develop their thoughts.

These notes help writers discover what they have to say about their topic.

While reading almost any document, you evaluate the author’s point of view by thinking about his main idea and his support.

When you judge the author’s argument, you discover more about not only the author’s opinion but also your own.

Reading prewriting exercises (and outlines and drafts later in the writing process) will further develop your topic and ideas.

As you continue to follow the writing process, you will see how Mariah uses critical reading skills to assess her own prewriting exercises.If you think that a blank sheet of paper or a blinking cursor on the computer screen is a scary sight, you are not alone.Many writers, students, and employees find that beginning to write can be intimidating.The more you plan in the beginning by reading and using prewriting strategies, the less time you may spend writing and editing later because your ideas will develop more swiftly.Prewriting strategies depend on your critical reading skills.Effective writing can be simply described as good ideas that are expressed well and arranged in the proper order.This chapter will give you the chance to work on all these important aspects of writing.Or maybe a novel’s courtroom drama sparks your curiosity of a particular lawsuit or legal controversy.After you choose a topic, critical reading is essential to the development of a topic.If you get stuck, just copy the same word or phrase over and over until you come up with a new thought.Writing often comes easier when you have a personal connection with the topic you have chosen.


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