Factors Affecting Employee Motivation Dissertation

Out this research there can be said that interests, enjoyment, salary and power can influence the work motivation of employees.When managers want to measure the motivation, they can use ‘self-reports’ over time.

Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from a person within and extrinsic motivation is motivation on materially goals.

There are a lot of aspects which can influence / create the work motivation within an organization.

After a period the managers can compare the two points with each other.

Job performance can just like work motivation divided in task and contextual performance. After a specific period they can see if the performance of an employee is increased or decreased.

Managers can use this information within an organization to motivate the employees.

This will eventually increases the job performance of those employees This thesis will analyze how work motivation can affect the work performance of employees in an organization.

This thesis is a literature study which means that secondary sources will be researched.

Analysis of different variables will be the basis for additional empirical research.

This literature study tries to examine how work motivation affects the job performance within an organization.

Work motivation can be divided in two types of motivation called intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


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