Facts About Cars Causing Air Pollution

Facts About Cars Causing Air Pollution-11
Lead causes damage to the nervous system and presents a host of health conditions.

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There are different kinds of pollution, some visible and some invisible, some directly caused by humans, some by nature.

Any substance that we introduce to the atmosphere which disrupts the balance and has damaging effects to our environment is called Air Pollution. Factories and petroleum refineries release large amounts of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other chemicals into the atmosphere.

Every vehicle you see on the road and in the air is emitting Carbon Monoxide, which is a major air pollutant.

This is very hard to manage since the number of vehicles on the road grow with the population of the planet.

) in the air - like you find in aerosol hair spray and air-conditioners and refrigerators.

The ozone layer gets holes in it when we put pollutants like chlorofluorocarbons (I sure hope I spelled that right!Hundreds of years ago, before the industrial age, we didn’t worry about our air, but with the industrial boom, humanity’s concern about air pollution increased - and with good reason.Nowadays, we can no longer take breathing for granted.Air pollution fact number four: Particulates are not good to breathe, and the smaller they are, the worse they'll treat you.It turns out there are all sorts of things just hanging around in powdered form in the air.It leads to the formation of smog and haze, thus interfering with outdoor visibility which leads to road accidents when travelling.Besides this, when PM reaches water bodies, it contaminates them plus the surrounding soils nearby, thus causing acidification and damaging crops and vegetation.When you breathe it, it causes Air pollution fact number two: Carbon Monoxide is NOT your friend. You can get those detectors to put inside your house if you have a gas furnace, because every year a certain number of people get carbon monoxide poisoning from their busted furnaces; and from bad personal decisions such as lighting the barbecue indoors or firing up the propane space heater in the house when the power goes out. So, why don't we all DIE from carbon monoxide poisoning?Because the earth's atmosphere - so far - is a very big place compared to the number of cars. Air pollution fact number three: Sulfur dioxide is not just about acid rain and not just caused by factory soot...Air pollution has become a household word and we are more conscious about the air we are breathing. We see it visibly covering our cities in the form of smog.Global warming and ozone layer depletion are both direct results of Air Pollution.


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