Family Is More Important Than Friends Essay

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Essay Writing Course Sydney University - Family Is More Important Than Friends Essay

Even though we spend a lot of time with our friends, travelling with them is different and a way to strengthen a friendship. They won't let you do anything dangerous like explore a cave or play with sharks (in a cage),.... When you are ill or having a trouble, nobody will there to help.Of course, sometimes I like holidays with other people. (Something that with my family don’t hapent ) personally,i want to travel with my is great time for our family understand each other more.because my family hardly express our feeling,emotion and many things!but sometimes i also want to travel alone.properly it is a surpising trip!For example, you do not have to compromise on money issues. I'm quite used to follow their plans and enjoy the trip.You can choose what you want to do and it can also be a good opportunity to meet new people, especially when staying in hostels. It can be lonely and, sometimes, dull with no one to talk to. Personally, I prefer traveling alone, I can't really enjoy it in a chatty mood......Friends give us emotional support, they help us during difficult times and make us feel special. Here are some essays on Importance of Friends in our Life of varying lengths.You can choose any Importance of Friends in our Life essay as per the need: Friends are extremely important for everyone.And, when at the bus station or airport, there is nobody to look after you suitcase when you want to go to the bathroom. I don’t have any problems with my family but I prefer to travel with my friends because I enjoy having time with them .Personally I prefer travelling alone because there are fewer arguments. Also with my friends I am relaxe and myself is free.Small kids develop friendship faster and enjoy the company of their friends. Friends are important for their proper growth and development.As teenagers, friends become all the more important for us.


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    Many people believe that a member of the family is more important than a friend. Do you agree or disagree? Include your own opinion and examples from your experience. Friends and family are the sources of a happy and life. Although it’s difficult to pin-point the significance of any one over the other, some people feel that family comes first.…

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    Study finds family more important than friends Ariana Eunjung Cha Washington Post The company you keep has long been thought to be an important factor in your well-being.…

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    Friends influence Essay Sample Which is more important friends or family. There have been strong debates about whether friends have more influence than family on young people or not. Do teenagers care more about their friends than their parents? Some people adhere the opinion that friends effect on the most important decisions of their peers.…

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    GENERALLY I would say that family is more important certainly there are exceptions. abuse, etc. but in the situation you've laid out it really boils down to just picking a side. I don't agree with anyone, friends or family, trying to bully or otherwise manipulate someone.…

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    Family is not more important than friends, simply because you don't get to choose them - you're stuck with what you're born with - no say in the matter - no control. But friends, you have a choice here, you can pick the ones that make you happy, support you and share you're ups and downs.…

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    Most of the discussions of one’s life are molded according to the influence of friends and family. In the modern world, the family bonding is gradually dissolving; people give more importance to their friends rather than their families. However, I believe that no amount of friends support can outshine the support of blood relation.…

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