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Now I want to share the whole list with you (with the addition of my notes about writing).Each item on the list has a direct link to the essay, so please, click away and indulge yourself.

Now I want to share the whole list with you (with the addition of my notes about writing).

I didn’t have much money (buying forty collections of essays was out of the question) so I’ve found them online instead.

I’ve hacked through piles of them and finally, I’ve found the great ones.

My name is Katie Curious and I just got a special assignment. A bacterium has invaded Holly’s lower lobe of her right lung and we need to report the invasion and document all we see.

This is going to be the best assignment of my career! Wow….are in Holly’s thigh right now and it is pretty warm.

Raquel Welsh’s character is biddable and comely, allowed on the mission, after loud objections about including women, because she can service Dr.

Duval’s laser gun (her efficiency is undermined somewhat when the gun is sabotaged by Dr.This film is fascinating for the perspectives it offers on technology, both medical and cinematic, in the 1960s, and on contemporary views of the body and the future of medical science.(The film’s title has been invoked frequently in recent months, in reference to the development of a capsule-sized camera that can be swallowed in order to capture video images of the alimentary canal.) Its tone is serious and awed (apart from the light relief of mild sexual banter between the men and Miss Peterson), and the voyage to the body’s interior is presented to the audience as an inspiring access to hidden secrets.An American spy called Benes has stolen this information from the Russians but on his return to America he is injured when the Russians try to kill him. Also on the submarine are Grant (Stephen Boyd), a military employee in charge of security, and Cora Petersen (Raquel Welsh), Duval’s technical assistant.The team has an hour to reach the patient’s brain and destroy the clot.Also, next to each essay there’s an image of the book that contains the original work. Moreover, if you’re inspired to start writing and sharing your own essays, make sure you use a free spelling and grammar checker like Grammarly. There’s a similarity between reading essays and eating candy.Once you open the package, you have to eat the whole goddamn thing. I tried to find ones that were well-written and awe-inspiring at the same time.Fantastic Voyage differs from its followers in its seriousness, at a time when visual access to the body’s interior was extremely limited, even to medical professionals, about the wonders it reveals, and in the absolute inanimation of the patient, Benes, explored only while entirely unconscious, reduced by coma and general anesthesia to a physical geography in which others can travel.Investigating deep inside the body of an alert and responsive patient was as yet inconceivable.I wanted them to have the power to change my thinking and change my life. It’s interesting how we’re influenced by a piece of writing for hours and days. It changed you the very moment you read its last line. Just browse through them, read the summary, writing tips, and if you think it’s good for you, go ahead and read it. And if you still need more essay inspiration, you may want to grab the “Best American Essays” collection by Joyce Carol Oates or “101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think” collected by Brianna Wiest.When a year later someone asks you “what was this essay about? (It’s a soothing way to think about it when you have no recollection of the contents, don’t you think?


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