Fight Club Schizophrenia Essay

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These four rules guide what masculinity is defined by, and can help show how Pahlaniuk uses this theme throughout Fight Club.

Palahniuk begins chapter two with the narrator at a support group for testicular cancer survivors.

The first rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

Characters Tyler Durden, Marla Singer, and the narrator form the dynamics of the novel.

The character Big Bob is crying while the narrator is squished against his “bitch tits,” (Palahniuk 22).

Bob had previously been a pumped-up, steroid-using bodybuilder.

The second rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

The narrator weaves a grand tale in between smaller glimpses of his lifestyle and the relationships he forms. Throughout the novel, the nameless narrator subjects himself to the works of Tyler Durden and the Fight Club they form together.

He currently had bitch tits because he was on hormone therapy that was causing his estrogen levels to go well beyond their normal levels (Palahniuk 21).

The men in this particular support group are all missing their “manhood,” in which Bob particularly suffers from because his fall from grace was from his idea of what being a man should be; Bob said it was better than real life (22).


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