Filipino Writers And Their Essays

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Similarly, Becker () claimed that novice writers possessed a grim view of rewriting—viewing it as punitive; while expert or skilled writers viewed rewriting as an opportunity to discover ways to improve the quality of the text.

Gustilo () concluded that proficient writers, whether they plan or not during the pre-writing stage, may have the same results.

Linguistic and metaknowledge are part of the resource level (Schoonen et al., ).

In the present study, the relationships between these different resources of writers (linguistic knowledge, topical knowledge, writing background) and writing performance will be quantitatively measured. The external component includes the audience for the writing task, the written text, and task materials used to draft the text such as dictionaries and peer’s notes.

Based on their qualitative analysis, Sasaki and Hirose claimed that L2 writing background, as measured by L1 and L2 writing experience and writing confidence, is a potential explanatory variable for writing ability.

The present study would like to confirm this by measuring writing background using quantitative method.

Researchers all agree that the writer’s processes involved while composing written tasks can shed light in differentiating the characteristics of skilled writers from poor writers.

The main aim of the present pilot study is to assess the writing performance of Filipino college freshmen engineering students and to relate this performance to the other factors that impact writing performance within the cognitive process model framework of Chenoweth and Hayes ().

Exploring the relative contribution of linguistic knowledge (grammar, vocabulary and orthography) and metacognitive knowledge at the writer’s resource level and the speed of processing at the writer’s process level to writing proficiency across L1 and L1, they collected data from 281 grade 8 students using writing tasks to measure L1 and L2 proficiency; tests on grammar, vocabulary, orthography, and metaknowledge to assess the writer’s resources in the memory; and speed of lexical retrieval and sentence building to measure the writers’ fluency in accessing linguistic knowledge.

Their study claimed that L2 linguistic tests highly correlated with L2 writing proficiency than L1 linguistic tests with L1 writing proficiency did.


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