Five Parts Dead Essay

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Much like training wheels on a bike, this time was well-utilized.

However, there comes a point when you outgrow them.

First and foremost, all of that time that you spent writing 5-paragraph essays wasn’t a waste.

You learned valuable tools, like developing a clear argument and backing up your ideas with research, while mastering the basic elements of structure.

When you ask these questions while reading others’ work, you develop an ability to see these same things in your own writing.

After a while, you won’t need some generic essay structure to develop your ideas; they will flow naturally.Do you want to be free to explore essay organization like the effervescent honey blossom butterfly that you are? And the truth is, if you are a college student who already understands the basic elements of a strong essay, then the 5-paragraph structure is no longer enough.Well, you must break free from the 5-paragraph essay shackles that bind you! College professors won’t settle for a basic, repetitive, regurgitation of facts. Let’s learn how to break out of the 5-paragraph essay structure. Well, let’s take our breakdown of the 5-paragraph essay structure a step further, which most of you will be asked to do. Why try to teach an old dog new tricks or mess with a good thing or fix something that ain’t broken, you ask?Not all of the essays you find there will be grade “A” essays, and that’s the point.When you finish reading an essay, think about how you feel and ask yourself the same questions that I listed above.Let’s give it a shot by answering these questions in relation to this editorial titled “New York City’s Libraries Need Money.” 1. By taking the time to think about these elements, we can see what works and doesn’t work in this essay.We also notice that it has many of the same elements as a five-paragraph essay without the albatross of its structure.Instead, you must see each new essay as an opportunity to explore the best way to write about a subject. The essays you are churning out in English class do have some real world connections, you know?Students tend to fall into a dangerous mindset after being taught the 5-paragraph essay structure. Forster once said about writing, “How can I know what I think until I see what I say? How can I know how best to structure my persuasive essay until I see what I want to argue? One of the most classic examples is the newspaper editorial. If anything without an electric current gives you hives, then check out the great online editorials from The New York Times.


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