Five Steps For Writing A Research Paper

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In this case, Bill Clinton admits that he once consumed marijuana, and that he understands what it is to be unable to quit the drug.

In addition to this, he also says that his brother was placed in intensive care unit due to the abuse of cocaine and marijuana.

Basically, the author highlight arguments on both parties whereby bill Clinton advocates for treating abusers instead of sending them to prisons, while bush believes locking them would be the best solution of denying them the freedom of abusing these drugs. Best Writing offers professional help with custom research paper online writing.

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For instance, the government should ensure that legalization of marijuana is passed with conditions that favor individuals that disapprove it legality.

However, it is evident that marijuana use has a positive impact in society such as economic benefit after taxation, cure to debilitating illnesses, and help in controlling illegal trade.Make sure that you tell everything in your own words; otherwise, it will be seen as plagiarism.Only if you understand the study, you can change the working and use not the language of the original article, but your own words.By this, this will have a positive impact to people especially patients with debilitating illnesses.The decision of whether to legalize marijuana use lies on its pros and cons to society.It is easier to identify the main aspects with the help of the abstract; however, you cannot base your summary only on the condensed information of the abstract, as it does not cover all the important points.Scanning should be proceeded with thorough reading and analysis of the entire text.You should not disregard or miss any important detail; otherwise, the article summary will not be effective.First of all, you have to specify the reasons why you are working on the summary of the article and what you are going to achieve.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.There is a common standard for research articles that makes them clear and comprehensible for the readers, no matter what particular information they cover.


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