Foreshadowing Essay A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Foreshadowing Essay A Good Man Is Hard To Find-6
The family is preparing to go to Florida on vacation but the grandmother is insistent that they go to Tennessee instead.

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She had her big black valise that looked like the head of a hippopotamus in one corner and underneath it she was hiding a basket with Pitty Sing, the cat, in it” (12).

It is becoming clear already that this grandmother is not only manipulative and a little child-like, she is also rather high maintenance.

He tells the children to sit down, that children make him nervous.

Suddenly, the grandmother blurts out, “You’re the Misfit!

The grandmother tells them about Tennessee, but according to young John Wesley, “Tennessee is just a hillbilly dumping ground” (13).

The grandmother is appalled by this statement and begins talking about how children were more respectful of their home states.At that moment, Pitty Sing, the cat, jumps out and right onto Bailey and the family’s car goes off the road and rolls over.Everyone is okay with the exception of some scratches and they get out and stare at the car.The grandmother sits in the back seat between the two older children while the baby is up front on the mother’s lap.The two children prattle on about how Georgia is a boring state, even as they pass by Stone Mountain and the red and purple rocks.They beg and beg Bailey, who for the whole trip is intense and one can imagine, fed up with his mother, and he finally gives in, although very reluctantly. The road to the house the grandmother remembers is back about a mile, so they turn around.When they finally get to it and start down the dirt the path, the grandmother has a horrible realization—something comes to her suddenly and she jerks, spilling the valise and the cat.It is revealed by the narrator of d that the grandmother’s big thought before the cat-astrophe (ha ha) was that the house she remembered was not in Georgia—it was in Tennessee.Although shaken and bruised, the family is fine and waits for a car to come by. Three men get out—they make no real movements to offer much help.While the family is eating he talks with the grandmother about how “a good man is hard to find” and how no one can be trusted any longer.The Misfit is mentioned again along with countless other reasons why no one was trustworthy.


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