Formalist Critique Essay

For example, some of the lines are made of two sentences separated by a full stop, a case in point been the second line “Marched through a forest. Others are made of single sentences separated by a comma, for example the first line “Helmet and rifle, pack and overcoat” (Poetry360 1).Still, other lines are made of a single, solid and unbroken sentence, for example the 6 line “into the clammy earth between the trees” (Poetry360 6).

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The soldier described in this line is obviously headed for combat, and this is made clear by the inclusion of “rifle” in his cargo.

Louis seems to be seeking for a balance in the structure of the poem.

This is given the fact that each of the stanzas is made up of four lines, mimicking the four stanzas of the poem.

This creates some semblance of proportionality between the stanzas and the whole poem.

However, the structure of the lines is not uniform throughout the poem.


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