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The three basic types of paragraph-paragraph relationship are : reinforcement of idea; contrast of ideas; and concession.

Indicating these relationships builds a 'bridge' between paragraphs and makes reading the text easier.

The lists are by no means exhaustive nor is the purpose to present rules.

They are, however, a guide that will help in developing your writing skills, give clear logic, smooth transitions, coherency and resist repetition.

If you've decided to give French a try and you're eager to start (or continue) learning the language of liberté, egalité, and fraternité (the French national motto}, here are a few hacks to learn French fast and and optimize your efforts.

Learning a language is a complex process that is different for each individual based on several different factors.Let's take a look at these different factors and how they impact how fast you learn French.This handout can help you revise your papers for word-level clarity, eliminate wordiness and avoid clichés, find the words that best express your ideas, and choose words that suit an academic audience. As you work on a paper, you choose your topic, your approach, your sources, and your thesis; when it’s time to write, you have to choose the words you will use to express your ideas and decide how you will arrange those words into sentences and paragraphs. You might ask yourself, “Is this really what I mean? When your instructors write things like “awkward,” “vague,” or “wordy” on your draft, they are letting you know that they want you to work on word choice.While supervising exams or tutoring for exam preparation, I’ve seen too many students writing straight away on their exam copies. Resist the urge to jump on your pen and take a step back to make sure that you will be addressing all the exam requirements or you may be shooting yourself in the foot and lose precious points.I recommend that you train with exam sample questions so that you set up good working habits and respect the required length of the essay, as well as the timing (allow at least 10 minutes for proofreading).Possible linguistic formula a) Jones, meanwhile/on the other hand, expresses this notion as 'self-defence'.b) This argument is not, however, accepted by all critics. Possible linguistic formula a) Although the ideas of Jones (1999) are interesting and useful, they do not take account of the growing problems of identity theft.They are used less frequently in speech, unless the speech is very formal.Without sufficient discourse markers in a piece of writing, a text would not seem logically constructed and the connections between the different sentences and paragraphs would not be obvious.This, too, necessitates the use of discourse markers.In the table below are some different ways in which the opening of a paragraph can link back to what has happened before.


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