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This primarily highlights the central concern of friendship and loyalty as Hassan allows Assef to rape him so he can keep the kite for Amir.He has admitted previously that he would “eat dirt” for Amir, and here he is doing something similarly grim.

Hassan is illiterate but smart and stands up for others. However, when the kite tournament comes in the winter of 1975, something changes Amir forever.

Not the tournament, but the scar that he leaves himself when he watches Hassan get raped by the bully, Assef.

In the book the kite is used to show the strength of the bond between Amir and Hassan.

At the kite tournament they must work as a seamless, synchronised team to defeat the other players. ” Amir’s word choice of ‘we’ shows him publicly admitting that he and Hassan are together and united. The kite is later seen to separate the boys though and comes to represent Amir’s guilt. He sees the kite as his and Amir’s prize for winning the tournament and tells Assef this.

Hassan is Amir's most loyal and devoted servant, who is born with a cleft lip. The relationship between Amir and Hassan is complicated.

He and Amir were nursed by the same woman and, unbeknownst to them both, they are half-brothers. One day Hassan is sexually assaulted by the village bully. But to sum it all up, they're half brothers of the same father but with different mothers. Not only is Hassan the servant of Amir and Baba, he is loyal to them as well.

The second symbol that is significant in this text in relation to the two themes is the kites.

Traditionally kites were used as tools in war and now in Afghanistan there are annual kite tournaments where teams of boys fight to win.

Amir has now learnt how strong the bond is between himself and his old friend.

He repeats this phrase to his nephew but it is also a promise to Hassan that he will raise his son properly.


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