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This taught the Americans that the mother country wasnt always going to be there to save them.Communication between America and England was at the pace of a sailing ship.

This taught the Americans that the mother country wasnt always going to be there to save them.Communication between America and England was at the pace of a sailing ship.

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Differences Between Colonies Essay Differences between colonies: Religious: The Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth were Puritans vs. Plus, Plymouth was founded for religious reasons while Jamestown was founded for economic reasons.

Dont get me wrongreligion was critical for both groups but the Puritans left England because they were religious outcasts while the settlers at Jamestown were there for economic benefit and had investors.

Labor: Jamestown was initially settled under martial law and the military played a significant role (especially in terms of governance) within the colony while the military presence for Plymouth was more of militia and didnt grow until the colony spread beyond Plymouth.Tea Party: Political That was the year the British enacted the Proclamation of 1763, which made it illegal for colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.Economic The British also enacted the Currency Act in 1763, that law made it illegal for the colonists to make their own money.The British responded to the Boston Tea Party by making th Intolerable Acts which closed the Boston Ports and destroyed the Massachusetts government.Articles: There was no foreign policy, and states printed their own currency.Introduction of research paper in literature sled dog writing paper fish business plan break even, ivy league admission essay.Stanford university essay prompts examples of research paper outline apa lean business plan templates informative essay templates middle school.The federal government could not tax; there was no Federal Army, no judicial system, and a lack of national compulsive power over states.It was a weak alliance, it needed approval from 9 of all 13 states to be amended, no executive or judicial branch, only a one house congress where every state had 1 vote.Social: More swamps, longer warm-weather seasons meant more mosquitoes in Virginia.The English settlers there came primarily from swampy areas of the UK and had been exposed to malaria previously.


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