Gcse Maths Coursework Questions

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Cost of the exams is also a fact which you might need to take into consideration.

How you find the paper of any exam board, depends solely on you, your preparation, skill level and your ability to deal with the hard parts of exam.

I cant see where i am going wrong, (assuming i am right in thinking that there is only one area for a semi-circle with 30cm circumference.) How could i do an oval???? But i was just wandering as i have seen other people in my year group from another class use it.

What does it do and how could i apply it to my coursework? All the shapes you've mentioned are 2D, but a gutter is 3D.

The aim of the investigation is to find out why house gutters are semi-circular.

Our teacher has told us that semi-circles will have the best area.

hi, i no that a semi circle of circumference 30cm has a better surface area that any shape (is this right, and there's only 1 possible best area int there?

), but ive tried half an octangle by splitting it up into two rectangles n two isoceles trinagles but i got a better answer, ive checked thru it but i cant see where ive gon wrong Rec 1 height 5.303300859 Rec 1 width 7.5 Area rec 1 39.77475644 Tri side 1 7.5 Tri side 2 5.303300859 Tri side 3 5.303300859 Tri-angle a 45 deg Tri-angle b 90 deg Tri-angle c 45 deg Area 2 tris 39.77475644 Rec 2 height 3.75 Rec 2 width 18.10660172 Area rec 2 67.89975644 Total area 147.4492693 whereas on my semio-circle, i only got 143.23945 any help at all is apprecia8d guys also, if you are talking about 2D (i.e.

Are you talking about cross sections and the area of 'air' that's in the cross-section, or the actual surface area of material required to make the 3D gutter shape (semi-cylindrical hollow thing)?

Exams boards are organizations that conduct the GCSE maths Exams and offer the GCSE Qualification in several subjects.


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