Gender And Communication In The Workplace-Essay

“I have just begun to realise that a lot of gender inequality becomes embedded at an early stage at school.Therefore it is important that not only all staff, but also all our students are trained in gender equality and best practice as soon as they arrive in our care.” Val Gibson Some people talked about having parents who created an expectation that girls and women could do anything they set their minds to.“It is usually not acceptable for a woman to be seen to be angry, as she is regarded as hysterical and out of control, whereas a man can get away with it.” Deborah Howard When the women described their workplace experiences, there seemed to be a discrepancy between the behaviours that a man could demonstrate without negative consequence – and sometimes even exploit – and those seen as acceptable for women.

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Several women made specific mention of their fathers being particularly keen to challenge stereotypes, and some were described as ‘feminists’ in their own right.

In contrast, other parents were uninterested in their daughter’s education because of their gender, disapproved if they took up an apparently less ‘feminine’ subject like engineering and discouraged them from returning to work after having children.

There was reference to be being described as anything from shrill, stroppy and hysterical through to frivolous and chatty.

There were also examples of feeling voiceless in meetings where they were often in a minority to start with: they didn’t get space to speak, colleagues talked over them or a male peer was given credit for a point they had raised.

Some women talked about having had inspirational teachers – both male and female – who saw their potential and pushed them to achieve.

Others had less happy experiences that prescribed far more rigidly what girls should and shouldn’t do and presented a very restricted view of the careers that they were capable of pursuing. We were not encouraged to plan ahead and map out careers as our male fellow students were.” Rachel Fogg Once women joined the workplace, their sense of what was acceptable and unacceptable for them to be and do began to be shaped by their working environment and interactions with colleagues.

I think of myself as ‘a person’.” Jennifer Clack The fact that a book is being written that focuses on women at Cambridge indicates a pre-existing bias on the question of relevance.

The raw data around the lack of women moving up and through organisations, inhabiting leadership positions and securing appropriate recognition for their work leads us to believe that gender needs to be looked at and cannot be totally irrelevant.

“Having the confidence to ignore prejudices has been crucial, as has a strong belief in my own abilities.

I have to thank my solid upbringing for this.” Nicky Athanassopoulou Beyond parents, early formative experiences at school were also mentioned as having an effect on how women viewed the possibilities or limitations of their gender.


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