Geometric Problem Solving

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You may recall that the perimeter of an object is the distance around the edge of the object.

If the object contains circles, then you may need to think about the circumference of a circle, which is the perimeter of the circle.

Calculating the area, however, is somewhat more difficult.

For rectangles, we were able to see the area as simply rows and columns of squares.

A line segment is shown below; the ends of the line segment are shown as points. (Note that the "unit" can be inches, feet, meters, or any other type of length measurement.

If the unit is specified, use that particular unit; otherwise, the generic term "units" is sufficient.)square (a rectangle whose length and width are equal) with sides of length 1.

This derivation, although not shown in its full mathematical rigor, produces the correct area formula for all triangles, not just the one shown above.

Related Topics: More Algebra Word Problems Geometry Games Geometry word problems involves geometric figures and angles described in words.

Solving geometric problems, such as those found in art and architecture, is an important skill.

As with any mathematical problem, you can use the 4-step problem solving model to help you think through the important parts of the problem and be sure that you don't miss key information.


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