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After all, you bring distinctive skills to your business – and the more time you spend on tasks that only you can perform – the more productive your business will become.If you can't delegate in-house – then outsource tasks that you can.Solve it by making it a priority, incorporating benchmarks on employee evaluations and perhaps by offering incentives. Challenged employees are usually the ones who stay on the job the longest and are the most loyal and productive. Solve this problem by constantly looking for opportunities to give employees special assignments that challenge them.

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You might say that some of these "problem-solving examples" in the workplace could overlap. For example, both new and experienced business owners must “hire talented people.” This issue wastes no time in demanding the attention of a new business owner.

Similarly, delegating responsibility is always front and center.

Solve it sharing your own job description with your employees. Problem 4: Encouraging productivity and creativity. Solve it by finding out how your employees work best: starting work at the crack of dawn, working in teams, working from home occasionally or coming in on weekends to work when nobody else is in the office.

They're all different, so they're bound to have different preferences.

Problem 5: Responding to changing marketing tactics.

Solve it, while also remaining true to your marketing plan – the plan that outlines your overall strategy.

If nobody immediately comes to mind, turn to your local chamber of commerce, a community college or to local business groups for potential candidates. Solve it by subscribing to relevant news feeds, reading the U. Department of Labor's Employment Law Guide and, perhaps above all else, hiring a competent business attorney.

Problem 2: Attending training and development sessions, including for you.

If it helps, many “big business types” say it's more important to focus on customers, no matter what.

Growth should spring from putting their priorities first. Solve it by refusing to settle for anything less than great – not merely good – employees.


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