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If God has the ability to create life why did he not make everyone good?

Why do the Ten Commandments dictate the way I live?

The more I learned about God and about my religion the more I questioned the existing knowledge I had about my religion.

I began to question the “how” and the “why” and the more curious I became.

The prescribed title chosen is, “We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases.” This statement implies that when the knowledge we have is limited, we are confident with our conclusion because we tend to overlook red flags within concepts and theories when little is known, but, when more knowledge is obtained, doubt arises and makes us suspicious of our own knowledge showing that confidence does not ensure that the knowledge is applied correctly.

To address this prescribed title, it is important to discuss the importance of doubt’s role in the production of knowledge by implementing Areas of Knowledge such as Religious Knowledge Systems and Natural Science along with using Ways of Knowing such as faith and emotion.

This is evident from when I lived in Jamaica in a christian household.

I attended church, went to bible studies, and performed in praise and worships and was thought to never question God.

Curiosity is apart of human development, It serves an evolutionary purpose, it is how information is received from infancy through adulthood.

For example as an infant we cannot fend for ourselves, an adult is in charge of our survival.


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