Great Gatsby Essay Questions

Yes, like the most of the students, I hate planning, but they say it is the only way to fulfill the assignment within a deadline.

So, count how many days you have, and make your own detailed plan of writing.

The man believes he could get anything he wants with his money.

Gatsby even tries to fix his failures from the past with it.

I spent more days because I lost a lot of time trying to find answers to questions that were just in my hands!

It means you will need about 8-10 days to create a great work.

Eventually, I lost my hope, and I accidentally opened the requirements given by my teacher and found answers to all the questions I had. I guess this is the most popular question students have after they get this assignment and as I already mentioned before, your first step is to read the book.

I suggest taking a pencil and paper and taking some notes during reading.

In the novel, the author shows to us how crazy the desire of power and wealth is, how Jay destroys himself.

Jay Gatsby truly believes his money makes him great.


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