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And like the Great Lakes, Champlain is partially a relic of the last Ice Age.The great ice sheets that covered much of North America 18,000 years ago carved out the depressions that would become these lakes.

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The Wisconsin Historical Society Press helped celebrate last year’s 40th anniversary of the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program with the publication of a book of essays celebrating the state’s coastlines.

Called , it includes essays written by a wide variety of contributors – including quite a few Door County residents – between the years 20.

It stretches for over 100 miles north to south, but with a maximum width of only 12 miles.

The lake and environs played a key role in the American Revolution, and today it drives a good deal of the local economy, drawing tourists and businesses to this remote rural region.

“The term ‘Great Lakes’ includes Lake Champlain.” These seven words, quietly slipped into an appropriations bill by Vermont’s U. Senator Patrick Leahy in 1998, briefly elevated the national status of a picturesque but little-known body of water that nestles between New York and Vermont.

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A short-lived, but surprisingly fierce, regional dispute ensued about the essential question: What makes a lake great?Only in depth can Lake Champlain at least stake a claim of being a Great Lakes peer.Lake Champlain is deeper than Lake Erie, though Lake Superior, the deepest of the Great Lakes, is more than three times deeper.From there, the connection grew to include other partners such as the Door County Land Trust, Door County Soil and Water, the U. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.The next Door County essay came in 2005 from Vinni Chomeau, who at the time was a conservationist in the Door County Soil and Water Conservation Dept.Formed in 1978 under the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP) operates under the wing of the state Department of Administration.Its mission for the 15 counties with Great Lakes coastlines is: “To preserve, protect, develop and where possible, to restore or enhance, the resources of Wisconsin’s coastal area for this and succeeding generations, with governmental coordination and public involvement, giving due consideration to the linkages and impacts to resources of inland areas.” The essays are culled from the annual WCMP publication .Lake Champlain provides one way to answer that question.The lake forms part of the border between Vermont and New York, and extends northward into Quebec.Much of the shoreline is still undeveloped with cedar trees leaning out from limestone bluffs.Natural sand beaches develop near the mouths of the Winooski, Ausable, Saranac, and Lamoille Rivers. Fossils from the earliest known reefs lie exposed on the surficial bedrock of the larger islands.


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