Group Project Roles

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They are chosen because of their expertise on a particular project.

For example, a management consultant may help the project manager evaluate a company's plant operations, determining the necessary changes to increase efficiency.

For example, a project manager may assign a finance manager the task of tracking sales and expenses for a new product introduction. Marketing research managers may assume the role of project manager on a project that involved customer satisfaction feedback.

Similarly, a product manager may spearhead a project that entails introducing 10 new products at a trade show.

A team member like the copywriter may be responsible for creating brochures and visuals for the sales force.

The research manager may conduct surveys in the market to determine consumer acceptance of the products.The project manager is the person who is responsible for facilitating the project.She breaks the project down into different functions or tasks, then assigns tasks according to peoples' abilities or key areas of interest.Managers and groups of people serve different roles on project teams.Some of these roles are more leadership-oriented, while others are work-intensive.Similarly, a marketing research manager will often ask research agencies to help them develop questionnaires and conduct surveys.Performing organizations often do much of the work during the project.So, how do people behave in the teams that you work with? Some people are helpful and supportive, others are more concerned with getting the work done, and still others can cause friction, disharmony or discord within the team.You've probably worked in some teams that are effective and some that aren't.For example, a copywriter, advertising manager, marketing research analyst, logistics manager and product manager may be involved in a project to expand distribution to new markets.The product manager may serve the role of project manager.


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