Happy Joint Family Essay

This also is true festivals feel delightful only when it is celebrated in unison and togetherness.This mostly depends upon the lady of the family to make the festivals convivial and eventful.After marriage, I found that we had all to eat what was cooked in the common family kitchen, whether the food was according to our taste or not.

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In the joint family one had to suffer silently; no voices were raised and no protests were made.

Joint families are wholly unsuitable for modern social and economic conditions.

My experience has been that there is far too much of suppression, implicit, blind obedience to the eldest member’s dictates, even when these commands are irrational, biased and discriminative in nature and impact.

A joint family allows for no argument, dissent or discussion; it is all command on one side and obedience on the other. There is seldom any case of a rebel, defiant child.

In the midst of the flurry of such a fast paces life the modern man is racing against, there remains a wait for that rare to come in when a few moments could be snatched out of the busy schedules to be spent together with the near and dear ones forgetting the entire aggravations of life. This commentary stresses the festivals gives pleasure only when this is celebrated in togetherness and oneness.

Importance of festivals is noticeable equally I each societies whether it is the twinkling night of Deepawali, the glitter is Eid, the exuberance of Vaishakhi or the running wild of Holi festival, everybody waits for the arrival of the big-small festivals through the year long one after the other.

Personal choice in any matter was virtually ruled out. The women had hardly any liberty to move out of the house or dress as they pleased, or to establish friendship with other women of their age group.

The social inhibitions were many personal liberties few.

Little wonders that there was no opportunity for the development of individual personality.

Life was dull and boring; there was no variety, which is rightly regarded as the spice of life.


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