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It’s possible the horses are standing still, but the placement of the legs and movement of the tails creates doubt, so you follow the potential movement left and then right, instead of just left along the hillside and out, as you might if the far rider were absent.

Read the rest of this entry » I am far from satisfied with my skill at capturing landscapes and am constantly experimenting for better results.

Read the rest of this entry » I typically come down on the engineering side of the analysis vs artistic spectrum, and this manifests in my photography as wanting to see the whole scene: the entire horse and rider, the full pack of hounds, and so forth. I know this because, whenever happenstance intervenes and forces a moving target to be cropped in ways I would never have planned, I am often much pleased with the results.

When I stand too close to the action with a particular lens and try to get something useful anyway, the image is reduced to its essentials.

First things first, so let’s begin with the basics: Now that you have read and understood the basic concepts described in our guide and carried out a little practice, you are ready to move to the next step.

The eye of the viewer can be guided by actual lines in an image, or by implied ones.

Step by step this free tutorial we will cover all the fundamental aspects that will help you to achieve your first time-lapse video, from the equipment needed down to the final assembly of the final clip. Time-lapse is a cinematic technique in which each frame of the final movie is captured in a certain amount of time (which is why it is called ‘time-lapse’) that is longer than the one in which it appears.

Thanks to this method of capture of the scene we are able to speed up the time that passes to such an extent that we can illustrate something that would not normally be noticeable (for example: the relative motion of the stars; the simple movement of the clouds; the melting of ice cubes in a glass of orange juice, and so on.) The technique of time-lapse is capable of producing fantastic results, and its application can cover anything from nature documentaries to the realisation of a business clip or to the simple telling of a story. By following our time-lapse tutorial on the Time Lapse Network, and practicing, you can produce some superb results.

This year is also the 50th anniversary of the Ashland Bassets, so it was a day of special celebrations.

You can get hunting action anytime but these dress-up occasions are ideal for pack photos, and on this day the weather and circumstances combined to throw up dozens of pack photo opportunities.


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