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You can write out those minutes on your sheet to remind you.

Try to leave 10 minutes at the very end to tie up any loose ends and look over your answers.

The thing is, although you may have to sound a little bit more formal for school, writing an essay for an exam is the same as writing for any other reason: This means that although it’s not as hard as we make out it to be, clear and concise writing is still hard in practice.

This post is all about how to make essay questions more bearable — and how to get a good grade for an essay answer. The reason is that a test with a series of short essays is trickier than a single long essay: you have to manage your time while making sure you hit all the points that each question requires.

After you’ve written your answers, you may or may not have time to edit it thoroughly.

Here’s an efficient way to clean up your essay before you move on to the next one.There are two types of essay questions: restricted and extended response.Before expecting students to perform well on either type of essay question, we must make sure that they have the required skills to excel.See how the first and last sentences echo each other, while the middle two sentences provide an example?Sandwiching your examples between the point makes it easier for your readers to form a picture of the message you’re trying to convey.As you start writing and you remember answers for other prompts, feel free to add to each prompt’s list.Generally, however, the decreasing-importance pattern is my default option.Essay tests are useful for teachers when they want students to select, organize, analyze, synthesize, and/or evaluate information.In other words, they rely on the upper levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.You’ve probably read an essay where the arguments ran in circles and the same handful of ideas were repeated over and over again, except with different words. The thing is, on a timed test that’s marked by a TA who has to grade a hundred more, this method doesn’t go over well.Instead, write clearly and simply with the Argument-Evidence method (or, as I like to call it, the Sandwich Method).


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