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Part of the reason the report was written was that there were a growing number of high school students doing community service just to impress colleges.The sobering reality of "Turning the Tide" is that this effect has only multiplied since the report was published.

Part of the reason the report was written was that there were a growing number of high school students doing community service just to impress colleges.The sobering reality of "Turning the Tide" is that this effect has only multiplied since the report was published.You need to make sure admissions officers see your community-service activities so make sure they are listed in your application or attached to it as part of your high school resume.

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It is one of many things that a student can do in high school, but it's not a silver bullet.

As much as colleges claim to value volunteer work, they are rarely moved to admit a student because of it unless the student's impact is so far-reaching and unusual.

She is the former associate dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania and the former dean of admissions and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College.

Sara’s philosophy is that every kid applying to college deserves the best advice.

Or a chess club president teaches the game to disadvantaged children and earns national recognition for the pilot program.

High School Community Service Essay Example

If you can get recognition for service that extends beyond the school or local area, it always plays well with admission committees.Students who take a leadership role in community service can reach the medium-high level.For example, work with an organization that helps others by collecting donated items and then organize a donation drive to collect some of the most needed items. These are unusual service endeavors or those that required uncommon initiative.Not surprisingly, the more selective a college or university, the more outstanding the volunteer work must be to make an impression.While there is no bad form of volunteer activity, some volunteer work gets more points than others.Typical volunteer jobs such as peer counselors, camp counselors, elementary tutors, and monthly soup-kitchen servers also generally register as low, unless you lead an effort or make a significant difference.Working to help poor residents in a foreign country for a short period of time also registers as low.Students who get involved can expect all sorts of rewards to come of their extracurricular work, including: Volunteering in your community can lead to community service scholarships.When it comes to scholarship opportunities, community service helps to distinguish you from the competition by showing your commitment to making the world a better place.Admissions officers are looking more and more closely at extracurricular activities and leadership skills when evaluating college applicants. But before you start accumulating hours for all sorts of miscellaneous things, know that college admissions staff are not just looking for a high number of hours.Community service needs to be the right kind of work and you need to be doing it for the right reasons. They also like students who approach this work with passion and authenticity.


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