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Cultural Background and Communication With Others I was born in 1953.

My early childhood was influenced by the American white male system in place during the 1950's and 60's, however, dramatic changes in our culture also influenced my formative years.

I received my first lesson in racism in the back seat at the painful ...

Since 1970, United States of America has seen a considerable amount of immigration because of economic chaos and civil wars in Latin American countries.

Blacks were there to make fun of, and not to be spoken to.

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When I began Kindergarten my 'world view' made a drastic change for the first time. While I was playing after school, waiting for my father, I discovered bullies throwing stones at a black child my age.Even though we had similarities, I knew I was different because I looked different, ate different foods and my parents spoke Spanish to each other.I started realizing I also belonged to another world when my friends and I started hitting puberty, and they would complain about Mexicans whistling at them. ” and they would say yes, it to have been Mexicans because it happened at the construction site down the block.While in High School I participated in ant-war movements, and before the completion of High School, I joined the Marine Corps.While I was opposed to the war in Viet Nam, I was exhibiting pride in my country and in support of freedom.The fight between the government of El Salvador and leftist guerrillas in 1980 brought about 500,000 immigrants to United States.They settled primarily in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Washington, D. The civil war in Nicaragua in the year 1980 drove an estimated 800,000 Nicaraguan immigrants to the United States Mexican Americans are the most prevalent Hispanic group within the United States.Traditionally, fathers and husbands are seen as the head of the households.Sons take the responsibility of taking care of the “womenfolk”, specially their younger sisters. Cuban Americans are the third largest group of Hispanics within the United States.But many feel that as they are eligible for benefits in welfare programs, it keeps them within a cycle of poverty.The general population that is not benefited tend to work in the industries around New York and New Jersey. However, in recent years, it is reported that only 70% of the people consider themselves Catholic, while the majority of the remaining group consider themselves as Protestant.


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