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One other such signifier of identity is through body modification, particularly tattooing and body piercing.

Although one cannot tell a book by its cover, we often look to physical appearance to give us clues about a person's sanity, morality, intelligence, and abilities.

Because appearance can be a fairly reliable indicator of one's behavior, it is no surprise that in society physical image is very important.

This is seen currently with the trend of body piercing, tattoos, branding, and other forms of body adornment.

These forms of body adornment are seen by the larger part of Western society as mutilation.

I am a prime example of youth urge toward body modification.

Below I will talk about why, what, where, and how people modify their body and how people look upon them.

Taking action to change one's appearance is often approved or at least accepted as a way of retaining youth, keeping current, or boosting self-esteem.

However, when one makes radical changes that may be quite original and go against society's standards, there is usually backlash.

I remember when I was young; I thought having an earring was the coolest thing and at the age of sixteen I couldn't take it anymore and pierced my ear against my parents will.

Getting a piercing or tattoo symbolizes a certain change in ones life.


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