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In WIM courses, this language should be revised to name specific disciplinary conventions. Conference on College Composition and Communication.

In WIM courses, this language should be revised to name specific disciplinary conventions. Conference on College Composition and Communication.

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makes explicit the contribution to the final grade of each element of writing.

For example, an instructor may choose to give 30 points for an essay whose ideas are sufficiently complex, that marshals good reasons in support of a thesis, and whose argument is logical; and 20 points for well-constructed sentences and careful copy editing.

Holistic grading allows me to balance the various elements of an assignment once I receive my students’ work and notice any aspects that my students have struggled with.

If my students already had a rubric I created before they submitted their work, then I wouldn’t be able to use this more responsive style of grading without having to justify not following the rubric.

116.) Here is an example of a partial holistic rubric: A 6 summary meets all the criteria. The main points in the article appear in the summary with all main points proportionately developed.

The summary should be as comprehensive as possible and should read smoothly, with appropriate transitions between ideas.They wonder why one faculty member values evidence and correctness before all else, while another seeks a vaguely defined originality.Writing rubrics can help address the concerns of both faculty and students by making writing assessment more efficient, consistent, and public.But analytic rubrics can be time-consuming to produce, and raters may judge the writing holistically anyway. Moreover, many readers believe that writing traits cannot be separated. Now, holistic grading can be defined in plenty of different ways.In today’s post, I describe my version of this grading style and explain why I prefer it to using rubrics. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it’s “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.” If you’re reading my blog, I’m going to assume you know what grading means.Combine these two words together into “holistic grading” and you get a version of grading that places assessing an assignment as a whole above assessing its individual parts.I see rubric grading as the opposite approach to holistic grading in a lot of ways.But holistic sores won’t tell a student how they’ve progressed relative to previous assignments and may be rater-dependent, reducing reliability.(For a summary of advantages and disadvantages of holistic scoring, see Becker, 2011, p.


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