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Yet Copper still believes students younger than 6th grade should receive homework.He noted that practice assignments improve classroom test scores at all levels, while also setting up kids for longterm success by helping them build strong study habits.

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“Homework overall — as much as parents hate it and kids don’t like it — it’s actually a good thing,” argues Dr.

Sanam Hafeez, psychologist and founder of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services.

Montalto says that elementary school children ages 4 to 10 need at least 20 minutes of reading time per day, as well as some time carved out to practice their motor skills, such as handwriting and cutting with scissors.

Focusing on these foundational areas at home can be more beneficial than traditional homework, and the data backs this up.

All of those “extra-curricular” activities are good but if you stop using them as excuses for not doing homework that would be even better.

It sounds like you need a time for important things in your life and the school with its homeworks definitely doesn’t fit in the scheme of things.Some of the students have a real knack in homework excuses.They don’t try to get away with a “sickness”, – this is too simple for them.And they think, ‘We better keep doing what we’re doing or all hell is going to break loose.’”But despite the anti-homework arguments from Kohn, Vatterott, and embattled parents and kids everywhere, most experts seem to agree that after-school assignments may not be all that bad, actually — especially if there’s an emphasis on quality over quantity and a child’s age has been taken into account.“Homework at a young age isn’t , but I think it can be used to build skills,” says Dr.Daniela Montalto, a pediatric neuropsychologist and clinical director of the Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement at the Child Study Center at NYU Langone.One of those homework excuses might even convince the teacher that you can pass the homework the next time, but hold your horses if you plan to convince someone of something you should be convincing.Maybe soften up the teacher with a bunch of hard to pronounce words from the subject’s unit?Seriously, there’s no need to lie to your teacher about the homework you didn’t do using awkward hw excuses.If you really experienced certain emergencies, it is better to tell the truth and if you didn’t exceed the limit of excuses yet, the odds are high you will be spared, voila.It looks like the story has been passed from generation to generation till you eventually heard it from parents.Nowadays it looks more like a funny homework excuse.


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