How Do You Write A Book

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Maybe this is how it works for the masterminds of literature…but not for the vast majority of authors. The writing process is a simple step-by-step to understanding what you want to write about and putting the words on the page as efficiently as possible.It’s the process I’ve used to write ten books and every author I know uses some form of this method.

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It will not only become your best source for book marketing but will keep you on schedule to publish.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “That would make a great book.

I should write that.” There’s something deep in us all to share our life experiences and what we know. The problem is, somewhere along the way, people got the impression you had to be a ‘writer’ to write a book.

I like to aim for at least ten pages per chapter, that’s about 2,000 words for a standard 6×9 formatted book.

That’s not a strict rule and just writing out from your outline, you’re likely to go well over 10 pages anyway.


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