How Do You Write A Literature Review

How Do You Write A Literature Review-2
Here’s why: As I have written about before, it is important to read the research on any topic you are thinking of studying.

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(We call previous research and writing on a topic “the literature,” and a synopsis of the literature is a “literature review.”) This is often a challenging process for students writing lit reviews for the first time.

In this post, I’ll break down the steps you should take to write an informative—and dare I say interesting—lit review.

The biggest question we should all ask before conducting research is “so what? One shortcut to answering this question is to say, “Other people have studied this, so this is a subject worth studying” through your lit review.

I know, this may sound like circular reasoning, but this is in part what we are doing with a lit review.

Bottom line: a lit review shows that you have done your homework on the topic you are planning to study and have learned from other people’s work, which will inform your own study.

How Do You Write A Literature Review Business Research Applications Paper Res 320

Here are some dos and don’ts for writing literature reviews: The first order of business in a lit review is to provide a rationale for your study.

Talk about these studies together and cite them all parenthetically at the end of the sentence (Study 1, Year; Study 2, Year; Study 3, Year, etc.).

It’s easy to focus on the content of people’s findings and overlook the methods they used to get there.

Literature reviews can include materials such as scholarly articles, books, government reports, etc.

This guide contains sections that deal with how to create a literature review including videos and a variety of links. It is a welcoming place for research, study, and reading.


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